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Roger Roundy


My personal area of expertise is consulting with business owners, brokers and TPA’s who are self-funding. I am a firm believer in self-funding and our program helps employers keep more of what they are saving. My background in health benefits and business risk management has lead to my participation in the creation of new program we call a MARC (Medical Allied Reinsurance Company). We assist businesses in setting up their own reinsurance company to process claims and hold reserves for self-funded plans. The application creates an excellent tax-advantage for surplus reserves utilizing section 831(b) of the tax code. As a VEBA Trust alternative, the MARC utilizes 831(b) to mitigate claims risk and significantly reduce taxes while giving the employer more control and flexibility in the use of the surplus. (for more information on the M.A.R.C. see the article I wrote listed on my page)

My focus with 831(b) is directing my future as I believe in the extreme value we can provide businesses.

Together The Alivint Group is a forward thinking network of professionals. We have a specialist for every financial service available. Alone we can not be everything to everyone but together our group creates significance and provides the most comprehensive portfolio of financial protection and growth services available.

Services Available:
-831(b) Insurance management and consulting
-Business Planning
-Commercial Insurance
-Group Benefits
-Health Insurance (individual, Medicare)
-Life Insurance
-Home and Auto insurance
-Workers Comp
-Financial Advising
-Will and Trust (family planning services)
-Retirement Planning
-Legal Services
-Accounting Services

Our network and product offerings are extensive and we will care for you and your future. Our mission is to: “Empower A Living Intent” Alivint

Phone: (801) 641-2956
Fax: (435) 514-7771
Email: roger@alivint.com

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Very friendly and professional environment. Derek Miller changed and saved my life. I had no experience with insurance and he made the process easy and fulfilling. I would recommend this agency to anyone.
--Deehan Jang

Very friendly and professional environment. The staff was well educated on all things insurance and helped me understand anything I was confused on. 10/10 would recommend.

-- Aaron L.

Ben provided great insight and many solutions to what I can do for finding the right health insurance plan for me and my family. It was far easier than I expected especially since I am self employed.

--Matthew V.