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Whether you have a small business making $100,000 a year or a mid-sized company making $60,000,000 a year, every business has to deal with risks, taxes and employees.  As a team of advanced business consultants we are equipped to help any business prepare for the worst while maximizing the success of your business.  We are able to help any small to mid-sized business mitigate risk, maintain tax efficiencies, protect their income, benefit their employees and plan for the future.

Business Consulting Services

We specialize in assisting Business owners utilize their own insurance/re-insurance company to self-insure Medical Care, Enterprise Risks, Workers Compensation, Warranties and Extended Service agreements.

We are true believers in paying all the taxes we owe……and not a penny more.  Enlist our advanced tax mitigation team to help you navigate the tax code and keep more of the money your business is earning.

As independent and objective consultants we work with numerous brokers, carriers, third party administrators and other consultants to create the best possible combination of employee benefits.  Our objective approach enables us to help you implement the best possible strategies, services, products and technologies from various sources.  We help you create the best possible combination of services to benefit your valuable employees.

  • Traditional Health Insurance
  • Self-Funding
  • Level-Funding
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Supplemental Coverage
  • Employer Sponsored benefits