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Advanced Planning
Modern solutions to the most complicated issues
Self-Insurance Strategies
 Utilizing Tax Code 831(b) for today’s intangible and Self-Funded Risks
Estate Planning
Minimize Risk | Maximize Reward
Protect – Save – Grow
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Private Insurance

Life | Health | Home | Auto | Dental | Vision | Medicare, etc

Group Benefits
Major Medical or Self-Funded Insurance + everything in-between
Property & Casualty
Home – Auto – Commercial – Liability
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“Economic Certainty” is the crux of what we strive to provide.  Knowing their most precious assets are insured allows our clients to expand their investments, business or estate in a way that ensures some certainty in their own economic ventures.

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Insurance is generally a necessary cost that is constantly on the rise.  Whether it’s insurance for your family, your company or both – we have trademarked strategies that no other broker has access to.  Savings on today’s premium dollars increases tomorrow’s earning potential.

[/trx_column_item][trx_column_item][trx_title type=”3″ top=”tiny”]GROW[/trx_title]

Once their assets are covered and they’ve saved hundreds, thousands and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars on their premiums our clients are all the more able to invest and increase their earning potential and nest egg for the future.  Each step of our trademarked process is specifically designed for efficiency and maximum profitability.

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Very friendly and professional environment. Derek Miller changed and saved my life. I had no experience with insurance and he made the process easy and fulfilling. I would recommend this agency to anyone.
--Deehan Jang

Very friendly and professional environment. The staff was well educated on all things insurance and helped me understand anything I was confused on. 10/10 would recommend.

-- Aaron L.

Ben provided great insight and many solutions to what I can do for finding the right health insurance plan for me and my family. It was far easier than I expected especially since I am self employed.

--Matthew V.